Shanghai Old Town

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Shanghai old town is also called Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market or Shanghai Yuyuan Market

Shanghai Old Town,known as the bright pearl of Shanghai,
is a perfect combination of gardens, temples, old architecture, civil culture, business, souvenirs, and food.
Here, the Yu Yuan Business City is reputed as ‘the kingdom of small commodities’ and ‘the kingdom of snacks’.

The old town offers unforgettable sights,such as the classic Yu Garden built in the southern Chinese style,
the famous ancient Town Golden Temple,Xiaotayuan Mosque,Lotus Flower Garden,Zigzag Bridge (Bridge of Nine Turnings),
Mid-Lake Pavilion,Nanxiang Dumpling Restuarant,Lvbolang Restaurant,etc.

These sites are all well-known landscape and tourist sites in Shanghai.
It is also home to historic buildings.
Long histories and unique customs can be found in them.
They reflect the way of life and cultural traditions of the past and present Shanghai people.

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